How to make free money with the TEMU affiliate program

How to make free money with the TEMU affiliate program

Anyone can sign up to this for free and have a chance to make a little bit of extra cash

Written 19th January 2024 | Subscribe to my newsletter

First there was Wish, then Shein, now TEMU seems to be everywhere and the TEMU affiliate scheme I think is one of the reasons why.

Most affiliate schemes require you to have a business with multiple social media channels, a certain number of followers/likes and then of course the network/advertiser then needs to approve your application.

TEMU operate a little bit differently. I recently signed up to their affiliate program to see what it was about and couldn't believe how simple it was to sign up and start promoting them. All you need is an email address.


What is TEMU?

If you don't know what TEMU is, it's an online marketplace operated from China which offers heavily discounted products mostly shipped direct to consumers from China. They have EVERYTHING you can think of. In fact, a lot of the products you see for sale on marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay are products that are produced in China and ordered via wholesale.

How can I make money with TEMU?

Simply sign up to their affiliate program. Anyone can join and once you're in your dashbaord they will provide you with link you can use to advertise TEMU products. You can earn bonuses such as earn £3 for getting any new user to download the app. You can also recruit other people to join the affiliate program and earn 20% secondary commission on any commission they earn (for the first 60 days).

Sign up to the program

How can I advertise TEMU?

Ideally you'll place links on an already established website, app or social media pages, but you don't need to have any of that to get started. You can post to your own personal social media channels with products you like or would recommend. 

What are the TEMU bonuses that keep popping up?

TEMU offer incentives for you to earn more with competitions, bonus commissions based on number of first orders that occur and flat commisions of £3 for every new customer app download. So good!

How do I get paid by TEMU?

Great, you earned some money from TEMU! Once you have reached the £20 minimum withdrawal, you can get paid straight to your Paypal account. So easy!


Take a look at this screenshot from my account:

Image 3

I signed up yesterday and advertised one product. The screenshot shows that I received:

  • £3 welcome gift
  • £3 - New user downloaded app via my link
  • £2 - first share link

That's £8 earned already :)

I wish you all the best with your advertisements for TEMU. They have so many products across so many industries which give you a wealth of advertisement and commission potential at your fingertips.

Good luck xx

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